Get the most from your grease converter or grease trap

Simple tips to help prevent blockages and maintain a well working grease trap and/or converter

Ensure your dosing unit (if you have one) is working and has a ready supply of chemical.

Ensure an in-sink strainer is fitted to any sink connected to the grease converter. This will reduce bottom solid build-up as it restricts entry of solids such as vegetable matter, meat scraps etc

Scrape plates/utensils before washing. Put all food scraps into a separate waste bin for disposal.

Grease Converters are only for sink wash water containing fats, oils and grease.

Have the Grease Converter/s inspected and serviced by Phoenix Environmental Solutions six (6) monthly or as required by your local authority.**

After any pump out ensure that the Grease Converter is filled with water.

During pump out –ensure your grease converter has the outlet sucked out while onsite and your outlet box is thoroughly cleaned.

Avoid empting cleaning fluids from other sources containing harsh chemicals such as floor cleaners or oven cleaners into sinks connected to the grease converter as these harsh cleaning chemicals will alter the performance of the microorganisms.

Avoid using harsh caustic or acid cleaners – this kills off the bacteria, – result will be reduced bio-remediation.

Remember – use of cleaning products i.e bleach will only offer short term respite from any smell issues, if your grease interceptor does begin to smell – Call Phoenix Environmental Solutions

Avoid empting deep fryer fat/oil drip trays into the Grease Converter. This should go into a disposal container and pick up I generally free.

Don’t put food grinder/waste disposal in the Grease Converter. This will increase suspended solid content and bottom solid build-up.

**Servicing times suggested by Phoenix Environmental Solutions for your grease trap and grease converter can vary on terms from 2 to 12 monthly depending on the following items

  • Food waste content entering your unit
  • Content of grease frim food types on your menu
  • Cleanliness of staff and adhering to kitchen procedures
  • Type and size of grease converter
  • Volume of food prep prepared in your kitchen

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