Grease trap Enzyme Dosing Solutions

Grease Trap Enzyme Dosing Solution

Why Use an Enzyme Dosing Solution

Enzyme dosing is part of the council compliance for your grease converter when obtaining a discharge consent from Watercare, any new grease converter sold (except Big Dippers) are required to be purchased with an appropriate dosing pump for this reason. The main purpose of these products are to help break down FOG (fats and oils), they can however assist in smell reduction, increased performance from your grease trap/converter along with helping keeping your outlet pipes flowing freely.

There’s many products on the market ranging from bacteria solutions to enzymes, through to combinations of both or powdered products that require manual applications. Like with most things however there are some real great products out there that just aren’t marketed to their full extent.

This is where we can help.


Phoenix is in a position to provide several proven products based on our experience for specific problems. What are you after?