Unblock Blocked Stormwater Drains

Small scale solutions that don’t break the bank!

Phoenix Environmental Solutions believes in simplicity and while we don’t take on the big projects, we thrive on the small projects.

By tailoring our services to the smaller clientele, we avoid the need of large/fancy equipment and the added costs they place on customers; giving you the best value services

Phoenix Environmental can maintain and service your storm water drains:

Blocked stormwater drains can cause major damage to your surrounding and your property. Save yourself from major costly repairs. Here are tell-tale signs to identify blocked stormwater drains:

To tackle the problem of blocked stormwater drains, our team at Phoenix Environmental helps in drainage unblocking, grease traps cleaning and other services.

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Process To Clean Blocked Stormwater Drains

Our experts have all the tools you need to clean out your blocked stormwater drains. We leave no stone unturned and if one method fails, we use others. We initially use a plunger to force air through the blockage followed by caustic soda and acid.

Here’s our expert 6-step process –

Step 1 – Clean Area

Clean the surroundings and drain covers of the waste. 

Step 2 – Open Pipes

Use crowbars to lift the lid to access the pipes and drains.

Step 3 – Remove Debris

Remove leaves, twigs, and mold from the roof gutters.

Step 4 – Clear Blockage

Use high-power water pressure to clear blockages in the drain pipes and remove excess debris

Step 5 – Extract Waste

Vacuum the pipes to pull out debris and other waste from the pipes and  put it into the vacuum truck storage

Step 6 – Final Cleaning

Clean the area around the drains & take all the waste for disposal with us once the cleaning of drains is complete